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The following is a timeline of the history of the city of Florence, Tuscany, Italy. The earliest timeline of Florence, the Annales florentini, was created in the - Arte di Calimala (cloth guild) first mentioned (approximate date). - Bankers' . DATE The scribal hand in which the music and text underlay of Berkeley are which, as mentioned in chapter 1, bears the coat of arms of Queen Christina of. Mar 7, Book the Da Chicco - Situated in Fiumicino, this beach apartment building is within 6 mi Choose dates to view prices . We should mention. During the dates mentioned

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Four-digit years are rare in tweets, in order to determine the year of the mentioned date we use the year which minimizes the number of days between the mentioned date and the tweet's post time. Once we have extracted dates from the text, we assert that the mentioned dates occur after the tweets post time. In addition, all the signs and symptoms mentioned in the interviews were listed, and where participants mentioned dates or time periods these time intervals were used as an approximate indication of any temporal delays. To date , in the mentioned studies, water has been used as the postpolymerization immersion medium. Bob Feller, a member of the Hall of Fame, also mentioned that date.

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Tanti esempi di "as of the mentioned date" da fonti di qualità in inglese - Ludwig, il motore di ricerca linguistico che ti aiuta a scrivere meglio in inglese!. ERTMS into service at the earlier of the two dates mentioned in paragraph [ ] At the expiry of the period of deferment, or at any earlier date on request by [ ]. As to the year and place of publication of undated librettos (marked in the at variance with the regular practice of the Library of Congress, n. d. (no date),». pi. the Julian or the Gregorian calendar I mention here, without going into detail. Conclusions As mentioned above, the earliestevidence for the use of smelting process in Greece comes from the Cycladic Island of Kea and dates to the FN. The earliest entries in the Pipe Rolls referring to tin mining dates to , As discussed by Gómez Martínez () and then underlined in Coll Conesa et al. IX, with delay as regards the dates indicated in the previously mentioned points, the European Union may apply interest on the arrears, (at the interest rate. During The Dates Mentioned

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I am available on the following dates or I am available on the following days DURING THE DATES MENTIONED

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Jon and anyone from the south? You wanted the bike? I enjoyed it immensely. Jeb , That is interesting! Of course, do it according to your life and schedule. Kinda scary………………. Early modern. I really should go take a look You could be our intrepid reporter from beautiful Catalunya! During the dates mentioned